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Barack Obama: Worst President Ever

November 22nd, 2009 · No Comments · Politics

You are going to need to practice saying it. Begin by saying it when you are alone.  In the shower say it. Looking in the bathroom mirror say it. When driving in your car say it. Then throughout the day practice by saying it to yourself quietly. Practice saying it until the shock effect has worn off and it has gone past your defense mechanisms and become part of your working consciousness. Finally, after all this practice, you can get past the sickening disappointment, the sense of betrayal, the feeling of violation, and the bone deep despair and say it, say what is the inescapable truth: Barack Obama is the worst president ever.

All the way up to elction day 2008 I had resolved to vote for Cynthia McKinney. McKinney had articulated a platform and vision that  was progressive, far-seeing, intelligent, just, humane, and most important, one designed to truly serve  the people. McKinney was her own woman and this was clearly no corporate stealth candidacy. McKinney also ran on a third party ticket so that was a double bonus; I could vote for the superior candidate and support a progressive-left third party at the expense of the power and legitimacy of the two corporate right parties. But a funny thing happened to me on the way to the voting booth…the Republicans got to me. 

I panicked badly any time McCain or Palin appeared in the media. “My God, if these two are really elected we’ll  be chasing rats with sharpened sticks in barbed wire encampments,” I’d think to myself.  Rank and file Democrats and the left  in general were by no means certain that Obama was a lock for the Oval Office. There was a lot to overcome for him to succed and pre-election information was causing the panic level to rise.  Would the Republicans be able to muster the army of racists and fundamentalists to the polls they prognosticated thus swinging the election to the Republicans? The situation was too tense and too dire and too unsettling and I had an eleventh hour conversion to Obama saying to my wife, “He may or may not be a true progressive but he’ll at least act pragmatically. He’s too smart not too.”

When historians, progressives, journalists, political scientists, and educated citizens would say Bush is the worst president ever, they were right and wrong. Bush faithfully served the 300,oo0 richest Americans who own 70% of all the wealth in America. Bush was a class warrior and served his class faithfully. For these Americans, Bush was a wonderful and effective president. It was the other 307 million Americans who had cause to say worst president ever.

To enrich “his base,” Bush handed our government over to anti-tax, anti-government, anti-regulation, anti-worker ideological  berserkers who would push forward economic Darwinism to punishing lengths. The Bush crew had a working philosophy simply summed up for everyone not fanatically devoted to team Bush: “Its not just that we won it’s that you lost, so fuck off!” This ideology was not going to be subject to change or alteration via elections or Democratic opposition. The ideology was going to become engrained in the government for years to come. One way to bring this about was that the Bush berserkers threw a poison pill into the economy that would create real problems for any  future Democrat in the White House to deal with. The poison pill worked like this: massive tax cuts to the rich coupled with very expensive military occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan would result in  in massive deficits. Any future president who wanted to increase government spending  for anything other than the military budget was going to have a tough go of it.  Enter stage left Obama.

Obama led everyone who voted for him to believe he was a man of progressive instincts and pragmatic thinking. He would be the post-ideology candidate and do what was necessary to clean the Augean stables that was the Bush presidency. The two issues everybody thought Obama was going to kick ass on was healthcare reform and the economy.  Obama was going to show us the light and set things right. Instead Obama, one of the smartest guys ever to be elected to the presidency as the hype went, had abdicated all responsibilies and prerogatives of his presidencyby inauguration day. It just took everyone a while to see that he wasn’t a progressive leader at all but something else entirely.

It is now apparent that Obama functions something like Lucky of Lucky Charms or Ronald McDonald or the Keebler elves. He is simply a brand mascot, the familiar face in front of the product. Ronald McDonald doesn’t devise plans for revamping healthcare. The Keebler elves don’t advocate Keynesian economis to solve America’s economic crisis. Lucky doesn’t decide whether to escalate the number American forces in Afghanistan. And neither does Obama. Like his fellow corporate mascots he just reads the script and moves the product and acts as the happy face that people associate witht the brand. He knows his job and does not confuse it with the job of President of the United States. It is we who are confused about his job description. 

Obama played on all our hopes that he was going to come into office and see the need to reinstitute activist government. Obama was going to give us all not just a New-New Deal but also a New Fair Deal! He was going to reverse disastrous Bush policies by taking the pragmatic path and the pragmatic path was on the far left. With a single deft stroke Obama could  radically energize the economy, deliver every American from fear and want, and insure Democratic political supremacy for decades by simply ordering that single-payer-government-run-healthcare be given to every American. A simple, pragmatic, non-ideologiacl solution to a slew of overlapping problems. But remember, that’s not his job.

Every intelligent economist and economic observer not employed to lie for ideological motive is saying that Obama must use government spending to stimulate the economy and create jobs. It’s no longer Bush’s poison pill that stalls real meaningful economic recovery with massive job creation, it’s Obama’s own poison pill that thwarts it. Obama allowed the money needed to structurally rebuild America ’s economy to be flushed down the Wall Street toilet forever. There will be no more money forthcoming to help Americans or help the economy. Congress won’t allow it and America can’t afford it.  Obama allowed Clinton financial deregulators, Federal Reserve lifers, and banksters to walk away with the country’s wealth and future. The economy you are living in now will be the economy you will be living in years down the road…unless it gets worse. There is no other scenario thanks to Obama’s enabling of and complicity with the greatest robbery and wealth transfer in the history of mankind. Obama gave away the store and our futures  along with it. And remember, this IS what Obama was hired to sell.

The reality of Obama is a bitter pill to swallow. We all got chumped and we were not without warning. Black Agenda Report had Obama figured out from day one when he was a Senator and told anyone who would pay attention. BAR warned not to let hope trump reason but so many Americans were living on nothing but hope after the nightmare years that hope did trump reason. We all projected on Obama our collective hopes. Now we’re all literally in a hopeless situation.

 Healthcare reform will become mandatory health insurance without health care. Cash poor Americans will be made to buy junk insurance in another bailout scam that will direct tens of billions annually to the health insurance industry with nothing in return.  The economy has been lost to Goldman Sachs. Jobs will become scarcer until 20% unemployment becomes the accepted standard. Government will drastically cut services to its citizens so that the remanining tax revenue paid by those who still have jobs will go to fund our military occupations. The security state will tolerate no dissent from veterans, the jobless, the hungry, or anyone else who even hint at protest. Climate change will accelerate because Amrican corporations see a way to profit from it. Every problem we face now will worsen. Soon, there will be no way to solve these problems; they will have become terminal. Time will have run out…game over. Our future will be about as promising as the Nazis in April 1945.

So you get the point now,  Obama: Worst President Ever. And the saddest part of it all is when the right-wing Fox news crowd start chanting “Obama: worst president ever”, you won’t get to say “what a bunch of morons.” You’ll be forced to say, “Yeah, I know already.”

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