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How Stupid are Americans?

December 27th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Public Opinion

Can Stupid Americans Change?

“Change is the very most natural thing,” sang Jerry Jeff Walker. This notion would seem self-evident as the result of a kind of synchronized demand evolution of circumstance, place, time, and the self. To change with change would seem to be such an unquestioned necessity that it would require no thought on the individual’s part and would simply come about naturally in such a fashion that change beneficially includes the individual. However, it cannot be assumed that this organic path of change shall prove beneficial to the individual if it is just change for change’s sake or change enacted for wrongheaded or self-willed reasons. Such motives for change will ignore circumstance, time, and place, with negative contingencies for the individual. If the individual does not positively change in synchronization with the factors that ultimately decide circumstance, place, time, and the changing needs of self, the individual will be left inadequately suited to face a changing rate of change and be subject to present and future negative changes. Therefore, one is best served by recognizing the need for future change and acting with intelligent purpose as present changes in circumstance, place, time, and the self, instruct.

Come and Face the Strain, Changes

“Both at home and in the world at large, a convergence of deep historical forces is bearing down on us,” cautions William Greider. Indeed they are, but do Americans have the mental capacity as a people and a nation to recognize a convergence of deep historical forces? Or is the inability to recognize a convergence of deep historical forces the exact reason America is facing the unwelcome consequences brought about by a convergence of deep historical forces? So here we are at the two schools of thought point. One school will argue pessimistically that Americans are stupid and the results are evident everyday. The other school maintains Americans aren’t stupid just misinformed and ignorant.

The first school posits that any American has access to public libraries, the internet, and higher education, and that since these stupid individuals won’t do the heavy lifting of self-education, their misinformed ignorant state is self-willed and brought about by laziness. The second school posits that public education, corporate television and newspapers, large institutions, and the state, all conspire quite effectively to render the individual ignorant and misinformed. How can the individual defend himself against a coordinated onslaught of uninterrupted lies and propaganda coming from every societal quarter, they ask?

Greider addresses this and reconciles the two schools. “America has its full share of greed-crazed scoundrels and egomaniacs. But Americans are not the clownish, dimwitted public depicted on TV. They are not addled sheep manipulated by political propaganda or herded along by commercial advertising. Up close and personal, Americans are much more than that. They are also less than they could be.” Notice that Greider is saying in effect, “Hey, once we separate out the psychopathic personalities that talk shit to Americans for their own aggrandizement, Americans can tell you what’s really up. They just need to get on the ball and start taking care of business…their own and America’s.” And Greider is quick to point out that whenever there is a convergence of deep historical forces that result in positive change it is the result of everyday Americans breaking “through the encrusted status quo. Political parties, presidents, and governing elites cannot do this.” And Mr. Greider, the elites will not do this. So now every American is on equal footing when we all admit, “I am stupid not to think that the Democrats and Republicans, the president, or the governing elites, have the will or the morality to manage any convergence of deep historical forces except in a negative capacity.

Here Comes the Change Up

Everybody on the Left is saying to himself, “How could I have been so stupid to vote for Obama? The guy I voted for promised to be the progressive statesmen the times demanded. Instead, he’s turned out to be a Chicago used car salesman.” America simply voted out the half-witted Mortimer Snerd and voted in the smooth-tongued Charlie McCarthy. Puppet in puppet out business as usual. It’s enough to make us question our intelligence that we all fell for this simple dodge and that’s a very good thing. If Americans want to manage circumstance, place, time, and self to bring about positive change our intelligence is going to have to evolve. We are going to have to apply multiple intelligences simultaneously to multiple problems and multiple events. As circumstances evolve our intelligences must have already anticipated and arranged multiple positive contingencies. There is no way these anticipatory, dynamic, and manifold intelligences can exist or operate within the American status quo.

You are programmed to think that intelligence is a singular function and when used correctly results in a singular outcome. This is status quo intelligence. There are many types of intelligence. There are intelligences.

Everyone has social, sexual, emotional, interpersonal, psychic, healing, natural, instinctual, intuitive, genetic, familial, learned, experiential, cultural, and connective intelligences, to name a few. These intelligences must be cultivated and utilized by every person in America. Doing so isn’t a step wise process it’s a multiphasic experience that culminates in a wondrous whole. The important thing to remember is that every second you are alive, you can learn innumerable things through all your intelligences simultaneously. Therefore, realize no one is stupid, rather everyone is neglecting their intelligences. We are simply not opening the apertures of our beings. We need to become open channels to the knowledge around us every second of our existence. Realize what a powerful knowledge and learning machine you are when you switch to “on.” Once an individual simultaneously utilizes these intelligences the individual may well realize that every second is not just a convergence of historical forces but the possible unification of all intelligences into a universal intelligence and that the perfection of this universal intelligence is the natural design of all change. Realize that your intelligences contribute greatly to the universal mind. Think how liberating this realization is: the American status quo is simply a phony construct that is light years behind your living intelligences. It’s time to move on from that and not look back.

 Mister, You Got Any Change?

Realize now that you are an agent of change here in America and for the whole planet, Realize that the world’s intelligences will have to be utilized together to actualize universal change. Become a living solution and bringer of change. Recognize your intelligences and develop them every second you are alive because that is what makes you alive and why you are alive. Your intelligences must be shared with others just as their intelligences must be shared with you. You will now endeavor to create a future wherein change becomes a natural outgrowth and not a crisis scenario. Those who are gripped by greed, racism, hate, violence, those who use these as means of exercising power, will no longer connect to our lives as they will not have developed the intelligences to remain with us and will gradually just…drop away. Who knows where our intelligences will take us?  Hope to God it’s not New Jersey.

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