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November 21st, 2009 · No Comments · Wentworth and Wiggmann Wednesday

Wentworth: Wiggy, I feel some strange melancholia is being visited upon me. The early twenty-first century is being painted in grim tones by our political and economic aristocracy. It seems they have a reverse “Portrait of Dorian Gray” effect on the world and society. They more they sin, the prettier life becomes for them and the uglier our lives become.  I feel I am trapped in a Bosch painting!

Wiggmann: Worthy, you look like  a Bacon and sound like a Munch. Not altogether the picture one needs for optimal mental health. Let me offer a suggestion. You must protect your sanity in these ugly times. Try picturing yourself in a different picture. Let your mind be a canvas for pretty thoughts and let those thoughts paint a happier outlook. This is the first step for mental self-defense.

Wentworth: Oh great, abstract expressionist tai kwan do, eh?

Wiggmann: No, no, Worthy. In your mind envision the following picture, “Portrait of Worthy by Whiskey River Under Cigarette Tree.”

Wentworth: Yes, yes I can see it now! “In the Baths at Wentworth’s Seraglio.” “Adoration of the Wentworth.” It’s working Wiggy, it’s working!

Wiggmann: The kid stays in the picture.


Wiggmann: Worthy it says here that hardly anyone listens to jazz. Something like less than six percent of music sold in any format is jazz. 

Wentworth: Oh that will change when Hannah Montana puts out a jazz release.

Wiggmann: I would argue that pop music has acculturated everyone to the two minute verse-chorus-verse- format and people simply don’t have the patience to explore the complexities of jazz.

Wentworth: Whither goest Polka! Come back Barbershop! Don’t leave Synth Pop! We love you Disco!

Wiggmann: Worthy, don’t be surprised if you hear a Funeral Dirge soon.

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