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Run With the Hunted

December 13th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Public Opinion

It’s no longer a choice of outlaw fashion to run with the hunted. It’s now time to employ as much animal cunning as you can to survive. Because at any time you might be trapped or poisoned, they might drive you along until you starve or die of disease or illness or exposure, or you might be run down by the dogs, or maybe it’s just your bad luck that you appear silhouetted in the crosshairs…So recognize that the hunt is on and you’re the game. The hunters that you fought off from the right have now doubled back to strike at you from your left. Your environmental roaming area has been scaled back to a game preserve and you can’t subsist in it and you can’t escape it. Others of your kind have quit the pack community and social self-defense and basic survival needs now fall to every isolated loner. The elderly, the weak, and the young can’t be helped and the strong aren’t strong enough alone to be anything other than an endangered species. The hunters hire other hunters to hunt for them and they hunt 24/7. Your time will come at the hunter’s behest. For now and always you will run with the hunted.

America’s party on the left and its titular head have now conveyed to everyone that they are members of and devoted servants of disaster capitalism. Obama stands before us and, with a straight face, tells us that we must rein in “entitlement costs.” The only real investment dividends that Americans get from their Government must be lowered so that this money can be diverted to Wall Street speculators and war costs. Government jobs creating programs aren’t on the table because government “doesn’t have the money.” Jobs will have to be created by the private sector and therefore all government relief efforts must be devoted to the private sector .The private sector will have to be trusted to act in the best interests of America and Americans because Obama just outsourced THAT job to them. Health insurance will have to be purchased by every American. Your behavior will be regulated by the Federal Government…the insurance industry’s behavior won’t be. Insurance industry monopolists have just vertically integrated the Federal Government into their corporate health insurance pyramid as a subsidiary.

The American political Left remains well aware that the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are the first military actions of the 21st century’s resource wars. The rest of the world knows that America is all in for the oil wars. All our current large-scale military operations are about securing oil fields, establishing pipeline security, and creating military bases in these countries to serve as “launching platforms to project American power in the region.” Next to follow will be wars for water and wars for food. Other wars will take place over refugees created by climate change. America, the nation that hypes free-trade and global trade policies, doesn’t play that game when it comes to oil. The Chinese enter into long-term contracts with countries for oil and sweeten the deal by building hospitals, schools, and public infrastructure. Oil producing countries would seem to always prefer doing business with the Chinese model of negotiation and contract rather than the American method of oil by conquest. The American Left knows this. The American right doesn’t. The Pentagon and the Security Agencies play on the patriotic correctness of the political Right. They pluck the strings of jingoistic indoctrination and everybody on the right sings the song. It is Obama the Democrat, as Commander in Chief, who is expanding the permanent occupation of Afghanistan. The Left better smarten up because the Democratic Party and Obama are all about patriotic correctness and the American global hunt for oil. Obama and Co. have already made the turn hard right. Why haven’t you? “Don’t you love your country, son? Don’t you want to be on the team for the big win?” So stop boo-hooing about your meaningless lefty vote and stand up for the pledge of allegiance and don’t stray from the pack. It’s the loners that get brought down.

The great, great, great grandsons of slave holders and their ideological loyalists now are being handed the job of jobs creation in America. (The government has no successful history doing this and the owners of capital won’t provide the money…or so Obama tells us). The descendents of those who had ideologically sanctioned and legally enabled slavery and the slave trade, convict labor, indentured servitude, Northern factory serfhood, and the company store, are today’s Chamber of Commerce members and private sector leaders who will fashion America’s jobs future. Not until every American labors as a sharecropper, not until every American labors under debt peonage will these latter-day scions have created the jobs program that Obama has entrusted them with delivering to the workers of America. Stay in line and stay docile. Rogue employees will be driven off or…worse. There is no safety net for the unemployed in the new job future and that is part of the design. I know because Obama made it clear to me.

“How do you shoot women and children?”

“You just lead them a little more.”  Michael Herr Dispatches

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