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The Economy? Go Progressive!

January 21st, 2010 · 1 Comment · Public Policy

It’s been generally explained to us that the Federal Government is just a brand identity that pretty much outsources all its major functions to corporations. One can see this in Haiti; private security contractors are the first in there and the military second after an almost three day lag behind  catastrophic events. This in itself says tells us some interesting things. The first thing it tells us is that America’s federal contractors are going to react to any humanitarian crisis with armed personnel. As we’ve been reading, it’s Blackwater first drinking water second. Keep this in mind. This is the same scenario that played out in Katrina. The second thing it tells us is that the government has two general functions one of which does not work and one that does work and the failure and success of each is instructive. The government’s first function is to provide for the defense or the national security of the people. The second is to provide for the general welfare or the social security of the people. Think of it this way: the government has  spent trillions and trillions of dollars on the miltary and not won a major military engagement since WWII but every month needy citizens receive those Social Security checks in the government run mail and right on time. It’s clearly a story of our government showing incompetency in one area and competence in another.

The great erroneous fiction of the Reagan-post-Reagan-years is that government can’t do anything well and consequently America needs to hand over more and more public functions to the private sector who will get the job done cheaper and more efficiently. Interesting line of bullshit there because the functions that are being most outsourced to private sector contractors-take the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations as examples- are not only much more costly to be outsourced, they are generally regarded to be failures of strategy, law, purpose, and execution. Now take Medicaid and Medicare; damn near everyone who receives medical care through these programs poll as pretty happy with the medical care they receive. Compare this to the people who have private sector health insurance-and the majority of Americans asked about this will tell you they despise health insurance companies and wish they’d all burn in hell-and one can gather that the government can provide services that the people themselves judge to be much better than what private sector provides.( Real life example at the basic consumer level: Last time I went to Verizon to get my phone fixed I waited around for an hour and a half for service. Tough shit they told me. What else are you going to do?)

The last thing America needs anymore is a standing army let alone a marching imperial army. We can’t afford it and we don’t manage the military either effectively or legally. Call this the security state. What America needs more of and does very well is the social security state. Know anyone that gets a social security state check or sends a child to Head Start? This is where the Obama administration and the Democrats are very culpable for not adhering to the progressive mandate given them by the Democratic voters. They were told at the polls by the voters, in direct repudiation of Bush policies, to scale back the security state and expand the social security state. Obama not only extended Bush polices, he Rubinized the Treasury with the Clinton-era financial deregulation crowd creating a vicious drain on tax dollars between Wall Street bailouts and ever increasing military budgets. (A military budget that will exceed $700 billion a year NOT COUNTING war cost appropriations).

Progressive voters are the smart ones. They are not the ones that outsource their thinking to Fox News-the private sector-but get their information from the public library-a government service. Progressives know that every  true, lasting, and people-based solution to America’s problems will come from the far left and the prime mover in solving America’s problems is to dismantle and slash major funding to the incompetent money trap called the security state. That money is seed money for the progressive economy. And remember: this is a huge source of money and we haven’t yet even considered overhauling and enforcing the inequitable American tax system that has shifted the vast majority of the country’s tax burden to the middle and working class. 

Progressives are also on to something that the right’s leaders will never admit and the right’s voters will never get: if America does not make a huge economic shift to a progressive economy, the economy will continue to deteriorate long into the future. In a progressive economy, it will be acknowledged that America’s private sector manufacturing and middle-management jobs that have been lost since 2000…are gone forever. They will never return. We cannot hope to revive the dead so we must give birth to the living. We must create jobs that are post-security state and serve the social security state. People, in other words, are no longer going to make their money mass producing and purchasing environmentally destructive consumer goods and war. Rather, people are going to need jobs that serve the social security of themselves and their fellow citizen, and ultimately, their fellow man on a global scale. When this takes place you will see a truly global economy. And you will see yourself with a rewarding job with a real future

Here are a few types of jobs that a progressive economy could foster to provide needed jobs that serve needed social functions.

Personal care: The elderly, the handicapped, children, single mothers, mentally ill, all these people have special needs that can only be addressed by the caring attention of other people. Train people to serve these people and create jobs and a better social security state.

Education: Let’s stop bullshitting ourselves that public education is anything but a holding pen for future military recruits or prison inmates. The student loan route to success doesn’t exist anymore so reshape education from K to college. Train people to be citizens and empower them to choose the social security career that best fits their instincts, ambitions and talents. This makes school a truly comprehensive social learning experience and teaches everyone that the social security economy is a sustainable and rewarding way of life not a means of servitude and debt as are most jobs in the private sector economy.

Environmental stewards; The possibilities here are breathtaking in scope and promise. Imagine getting a cool job as a land manager on the Oregon Coast. Or an alternative transportation visionary or ecosystem maintenance engineer. And on and on go the the possibilities of really exciting and meaningful jobs…the types of jobs that will require meaningful and lifelong education and dedication.

Hemp farmer/hemp craftsman: Want to bail out America’s failing rural areas, dismantle agribusiness, and give millions of Americans the opportunity to work for themselves? Subsidize the growing and small craft manufacture of hemp with huge government subsidies. Let the government take over the mass production of hemp products and re-funnel the the profits back into the subsidy program and the products themselves back into the social security economy. Wouldn’t it be great to see a thriving population of citizen/farmers whose work was tied in directly to the broader interests of the social security economy. The hemp farmer in Arizona helps the teacher’s aide in Michigan who helps the in-home health care provider in California who helps the…and on and on it goes.

Remember too, that the social security state will put public health and safety above all else. This will produce millions more jobs in health/safety regulation, inspection, and compliance. Jobs that will benefit the health and happiness of everyone and require hands on people-these jobs can never be exported or automated . The  Obama/Bush style of  a privatized federal government has led to a very ugly present and  portends a doomed future. America needs to become a human services- based economy. This new progressive economy would prove to be, by all measures, a total threat to America’s corporate monopoly economy that serves and protects 1% of the population. You’ve seen it for yourself: the private economy has no intention of delivering a human needs based economy and never will. Why the hell do we want our government to outsource our jobs and futures to them? Is that we voted for? You know the answers a s well as I.

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  • rusty

    I for one do not understand why the man who writes these wonderful words is not our President??? I lost my Father this last Christmas, thats’s right folks, CHRISTmas, and just recieved his SS death benefit check. Those commercials don’t lie. The check was $255.00 !!!! That’s what we got for my Dad’s 4 years in the United States Navy, 50 years running a Shell Oil Jobbership, his lifetime as a Shrinner in the Masonic Temple, President of the Kawanis club, board member of the NFL 1000 yd. club, every sunday and special event church goer, and a good all around loving husband and Father. 250.00 f#*king $’s. Someone please listen to this man. Can you not see he has the answer !! And while you are listening to your heart, please find a way to get rid of this person some call there president. He’s not my president and never will be. There are a ton of web-sites to sign up to impeach this socialist pig and his bunch of criminals. Find one and sign it NOW. WE live in the greatest nation on the earth, come along with me and help me change it. What the f$&k did you say. Obambam OUT!!! THE PEOPLE BACK IN !!!

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