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What We Have Here is a Crisis Crisis

October 31st, 2009 · No Comments · Center Ring, Politics

American media provides little useful information to its citizens about what’s really happening in America but there seems to be an ongoing narrative theme that just about everyone has grasped:  America is in complete crisis. The economy and jobs are in crisis; the environment is in crisis; state budgets are in crisis, education is in crisis, the infrastructure is in crisis; our military occupations are in crisis; and on and on it goes. Wall Street required $12 trillion dollars from the Federal Treasury not to be in acute crisis. Wall Street can be downgraded to “anticipated future crisis scenario flashpoint.”

Is your life or the life of anyone you know in complete crisis? For an individual’s life to be in the extreme wholesale state of crisis that America is in would be catastrophic to that individual. Divorce, alcoholism, homelessness, unemployment, legal troubles, medical problems, malnutrition, bankruptcy, all would have to beset an individual simultaneously to mirror the crisis narrative theme that currently characterizes America. Yet I know of no individual who fits this American crisis characterization; and I can’t imagine any individual actually getting to this point of crisis by incompetent self-governance alone.

Everyone with whom I am familiar has problems and those of their self-making are usually the soap opera kind. Soap opera problems are not crisis problems usually. They are peccadilloes that can be readily remedied by the individual responsible. What I’m seeing in the broad sense is that the crisis problems Americans are facing are not of their own making; unless you consider apathy and ignorance as self-created crisis problems. No, America’s crisis problems are being imposed upon Americans by the designs of America’s corporate/political kakistocracy.

Consider a few of the crisis problems facing Americans today and consider their source.

 Joblessness: Since Reagan, and accelerated by Clinton with NAFTA, the Federal Government has made it expeditious and profitable for jobs to be shipped overseas. What is one to do? Well some will be lucky enough to start a small business, some won’t. Research Wal-Mart and look at the tax abatements, free land, zoning waivers, sales tax retention, and everything Wal-Mart receives from government when they set-up shop and realize that our government is dedicated to the proposition of monopoly capitalism in all things: finance, insurance, real estate, retail, and on and on. Don’t forget, too, that once a Wal-Mart comes to your neighborhood, it seriously compromises the ability of small business to compete and that the jobs Wal-Mart creates are at substandard wages thus compelling the underpaid Wal-Mart worker to seek government assistance in the form of food stamps, etc. So contributing to the job crisis is the collusion of federal, state and local government with predatory monopoly businesses. Because if the joblessness crisis wasn’t created by external forces it means that 1 out of 5 Americans all at once decided in 2008 and 2009 they just didn’t want to work any more. How else to account for 20% national unemployment?

Education: No one is really asks this question before cattle-chuting their kids off to public school: “What is the purpose of an education?” Any reasonable parent would likely answer, “To be culturally literate, politically versed, and economically learned enough to live a life of self-determination and individual fulfillment.” This is at cross purposes to what public education actually intends: to create fodder for the military/prison industrial complex and to produce just enough half bright, docile people to work the feudal empires of corporate America.  Education is in crisis if one believes the purpose education is defined by the enlightened parent and not the imperatives of a class who think of children as future assets for their purposes.

Environment: Imagine being on a lifeboat and the other guy on the boat takes the hatchet and starts chopping through the bottom of the boat. “Stop it! Stop it! You’re going to kill us! What are you doing? “If I chop a hole in the bottom of the boat I can grab more fish as they go by!” he screams. That’s about how corporate America regards the environment: destroy it to get more no matter how insane the consequences of the pursuit.

America has an ongoing historical tradition of allowing psychopaths to chop a hole in our collective boat-the environment. The environment is not in crisis because somebody’s neighbor in West Virginia removed the top of a mountain and destroyed a whole river system. It’s in crisis by external political/economic forces that do not act within the boundaries of universally recognized political and moral sanity.

So, as the crisis narrative theme plays out here in America, try to follow the thread of that theme to its sources. Do not exempt yourself from personal responsibility or a personal ethic, do the contrary for sure. But begin to realize that the misgovernance, misdeeds, misconduct, misfeasance, and miscreancy of a very, very few are causing crises among the very, very many. This is the age of the anti-Spock ethic in which the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

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